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Target Practice by Steven T on Threadless
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Steven T
Steven T profile pic Artist

practicing for the upcoming valentine's day.......

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

cute, but inmy eyes this is much more fitting for a greeting card than a tshirt. meaning i wouldn't want to wear this but wouldn't mind sending it to a valentine.

(you might want to consider sending it to a cards place or printing your own cards for sale perhaps ?)

also it doesn't seem like the wrap around is working for this design, it works for most because the image itself is on a 3D plane (plain?) but i think we really do need to see the entire image as one right away.

Steven T
Steven T profile pic Artist

very appreciated for the comment~^^


yeah! I would like to see the cupid on front as well


it kinda looks like cupid's crotch is facing us but we're seeing his back.

BubuSam profile pic Alumni

Looks great on shirt!!


haa..the pampers looks weird~


I agree that Cupid should be on the front. I am not a fan of the wrap around shirts.

Steven T
Steven T profile pic Artist

thank for the comment~^^~!!!!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Cupid on the front please, so i don't feel like he's about to shoot me in the left butt cheek at all times. Really nice one tho.

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