Wild West

Design by atomic child

Wild West by atomic child on Threadless
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atomic child
atomic child profile pic Artist

cowboys and indians....oh that wildwest

red foil.....flock the black

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

i love the blue stuff



i don't understand what is going on here but it is pretty awesome!

olie! profile pic Alumni

If you were going for Crazy Horse crazy you definitely did a good job! The weird nature of it though makes me think it would look better slightly off-center. . . but alas

atomic child
atomic child profile pic Artist

it is half cowboy half indian....

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

I thought it was half Paul Bunyan, half Pecos Bill. Then I realiized that Babe the Blue Ox/sheep was actually just a work shirt.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

oh, i didn't get it was half cowboy-indian, i just thought it was ridiculously symbolic. I still really dig this for some reason.

atomic child
atomic child profile pic Artist

i wanted to put the two together as in conflict...i didn't want to show faces.....i wanted to show the two types of cultures conflicting...and if you look both are bleeding.....the indian figure is bleeding from his hand.....

atomic child
atomic child profile pic Artist

i bumped it so it could play with all the other revolution subs that are up right now

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