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bocek profile pic Artist

black and white ink on tshirt

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

okay, i snorted out loud when i read the title to this design, because i just don't see "mouse" anywhere. sure if you treat this as an inkblot you can squint and see a mouse ..somewhere...
but this as a shirt design? i think it's a little too crudely drawn.

maybe i just don't get it.
i mean, is it just me or are there three pairs of eyes in there?

bocek profile pic Artist

this is a specific and hard style design. maybe a little bit sweet :), thanks for all comments.


it appears to be a crazy or dead dog, horse, donkey, or mule
(the dotted line above the creature seems to be a buzzing fly)

fourcolourblack profile pic Alumni

there is no doubt you can draw, but i seriously had a problem working that one out. i see a pile of horses or something first, needs work

DaniellesGarden profile pic Alumni

It reminds me Giacometti. I like it. loved the bike too

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

dead horse. perhaps killed by a mouse

bocek profile pic Artist

where is horse are you blind :D

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