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Monkey See Monkey Do

Design by Bobicus_

Monkey See Monkey Do by Bobicus_ on Threadless
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Would have been better if you matched your blacks.


I love this. Really well done.

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neat shirt - but just FYI - it is not kosher to post links to your shirt in others submissions, blogs - yes, subs - no


in Photoshop, dip into the black tee color, then convert the black in your design to the same. there is a black shape around the monkey face that doesn't match the shirt, would look better if his face were just coming out of the shirt with no outline. blacks can vary ever so slightly in their values. neat design!!!


after a second glance, i see the different blacks and agree that they should be matched, even though i know very little about photoshop. so there. 4, would be $5 if it was just a bit more polished.


If anything, people have tried to help you here. There's a lot worse comments you could of got.

I don't like the title, as it's a chimp not a monkey.

Is the idea for the design about chimps being related to humans?
I like the idea, but the design could be a bit better in execution.


I agree with the above, and would actually say I think you were overly aggressive in responding to criticisms - especially as you keep spamming other people's designs which is very uncool.

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