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This is my sub for the WOW by Cranium Loves Comp. DUNCE plays on the idea of giving everyone a chance to shine and more importantly has fun with misconceptions. Just because you are an owl doesnt make you smart.

This is an 8 color design with the word DUNCE being embroidered in a thread the same color as the cap so that it isn't seen until close up. It would be one of those... "oh cool, that was a nice touch moment".

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

The owl looks fantastic, but everything else looks rather generic. Would love a large version with just the owl, the feathers create a great pattern.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i must agree, the owl is gorgeous, but the rest just sort of falls short. for me i think it's mostly the font you chose. the hat itself symbolizes dunce even if you left the word out, which i think you should.


the owl is amazing, but i agree with robsoul. i think you could do something really great with just the owl. :)


I agree with doing something really great with just the owl. As it is, I would prefer the word to be removed as the hat speaks for itself. I like the owl's expression :)

.MINUS. profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the great comments and suggestions on this one. Intially I was just going to go with the owl and now I wish that I had. I am really glad that people are digging the owl so much. I worked pretty hard on it.

Looking at the design now I guess I would change the shirt color and I agree that the style of the cap and the bomb take
away from the detail of the owl. Good points and suggestions jimmiiko! You are welcome for the comments... I am going to start doing that more. They are SO helpful and truely one of the best things about threadless, especially when they are constructive.

amartrules: I though of the owl because they are considered to be wise and smart and I wanted to contrast that. I thought it would be interesting.

piekin: I can assure you that I had never seen that before and did not "steal" anything. I guess it's a simple idea when you think of it. Making a "wise old owl" seem stupid. I attribute the likedness to my theory of GMTA (Great Minds Think Alike). It happens all the time.

THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE! I appreciate all the kind words for this.

.MINUS. profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone! Expect to see more from this little owl very very soon. As always, your comments, compliments and suggestions are much appreciated!


Hahaha. Stupid owl.


2 for the shirt as is. I have to agree that the hat and bomb, drawn as they are (the hat particularly), take away from it.

Without them or with them drawn in a way that fits better with the owl, I'd definitely give this higher.

.MINUS. profile pic Artist

OUCH! That score hurts a little but I get it. More from the owl later.

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