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Batteries Not Included

Design by jean_warhol

Batteries Not Included by jean_warhol on Threadless
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jean_warhol profile pic Artist

A christmas idea that can work year long.

Remember when you were little, you just opened the present you were looking forward to the most. You had your dad put it together to realize you dont have any batteries.....and the stores are closed.

Merry Christmas!

Embroidered robot possibly, along the lines.


FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Like i stated somewhere else before, I really enjoy this design, I just wish the child was holding two gigantic batteries or two smaller ones, looking up at the robot and not knowing where to put them into him by, because it's a tiny bit difficult to see that the child is out of batteries right now. Still, fabbo illo and the difference in height is plainly hysterical. YEAY JEAN!

aled profile pic Alumni

Great illustration, but I don't think the concept is communicated that clearly. I might struggle to understand it without the title. Perhaps the robot needed to look a bit more 'dead'. Nice stuff though, bud.


Hahaha this is great. I didn't really get the whole "batteries not included" from the illustration but I still love the design.


Yay for gas stations that keep batteries on hand and are open on Christmas. 5$$$

jean_warhol profile pic Artist

yeah, that was brought to my attention after I subbed it fatheed.
Its something that can be easily fixed. Thanks all!!!

jean_warhol profile pic Artist

Robots do believe it

mezo profile pic Alumni

Maybe it's just me, but I'd much prefer the robot alone. Tossing in the kid and stuff turns what would be a simple badass illustration into something too "cute" for me.

mezo profile pic Alumni

p.s. 4

jean_warhol profile pic Artist

Thanks Mezo, i guess i felt i had to make it more conceptual

dacat profile pic Alumni

Nice design, I love it in that light gray color $5

jean_warhol profile pic Artist

we'll just say he's falling

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