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i don't get it. is the ghost bathing in the washing machine?

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

maybe if you added a bottle of bleach the joke would be completed.

beesneak profile pic Alumni

I think the ball and chain is meant to keep the ghost from spinning in the wash cycle. Very cute:)

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

since it's a ghost, it can only bathe in a washing machine? i think something like that.

still cute $5!


i thought it was the spirit of the washing machine.. and he's chained to it


nice picture but i don't know what's going on.


It needs to be more clear... it took me sometime to realize it was a ghost.

btw, congrats for your printed 'Beginning', pandaluna! ^^
I love your designs!

staffell profile pic Alumni

I'd bet money you were french


Ghosts often have a ball and chain to symbolize being chained to the mortal life. Without it, I'd be a lot more confused as to whether the figure is a ghost or not.


very very very cute but confusing


It took me a second to see the ghost but then it came together...well at least the way that I see it.

People often use sheets to dress up as ghosts...so where else would a sheet ghost take a bath than in the washing machine?

I Love the idea and concept. Just wish the ball and chain weren't there and the ghost was just a tad more...obvious (though I am not sure that how that could be done)

Still, I like it $4.


I disagree with mizzmarvel. The ball and chain is usually only used on a humanoid ghost (think Jacob Marley.) The quintessential "sheet ghost" is often less realistic and more cartoonish, rarely depicted as a tragic figure bound to life. It's actually more recognizable as a ghost without them.

Other than that, the design is adorable. $5.


I think the ball and chain might have been necessary for me to get it at first, but now I can see that taking it off could work just as well or better. I can't decide! Agony...

thINK profile pic Alumni



aaaaaaaawwwww! this is very cuuute!!! 5

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