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Global warming is a joke, in ten years people will wonder why we spent so much time and money worrying about it.

artdrops profile pic Alumni

isn't it predicted to be 2012


@ Don Jon and thebaddestrobot
[ironic on]
Yeah, you are right. The USA shouldn´t sign the Kyoto Protocol.
Just go on and polute the earth like a Third World country.
[ironic off]


I think it's awesome!

Joelnz profile pic Alumni

awsome message, pretty good design. people who are still denying climate change frustrate me lots.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

it's a $5 from me!


You don't spell out what Global warming is destroying.
Does Global warming even destroy anything?
If it exists, then hopefully it is destroying my
need for long-john underwear this winter :P


i don't really like the design, but the topic is important.. I would not put 1960 as the beginning, as it started surely earlier..
I still find it funny that some people think its about "believing" if its happening or not.. Just look outside your window..
and yes, there are some scientist that say that humans are not the cause, but there are also some that say evolution is bullshit..
I am not a climatologist, but I am an Earth Scientist, so I have enough scientific background I think..


I like the message you are conveying, but the shirt needs some work.

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