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Wanted to try a few things here. A seemingly simple idea and a design that would make the person seeing the shirt have to take a second glance to possibly understand the concept. Also wanted to try out a new type of linework that I do not usually do. And I wanted to make a shirt about blackjack that isnt too blatent that I would like to wear.

And if you do not get it, if you add up all the cards it comes out to a 22 which is a bust in blackjack and the order that the cards are in for anyone that knows anything about blackjack would know how frustrating a hand like this would be.


Bramish profile pic Alumni

Doesn't look at all bad on the shirt, but the concept itself doesn't interest me that much.


5: I really like it - and yes, I 'get' it...grrr! ; )
$: I'd buy it on any color, but dark green (think table felt) would be groovy.

BrandonB11 profile pic Artist

nah there are no five card charlies in some casinos... at least not in the ones i play in... they'll let u keep hitting till u bust adn then they can take ur money


Bramish profile pic Alumni

A 5 card trick will beat 21 only if it doesn't bust.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Wait, I'm thinking pontoon

BrandonB11 profile pic Artist

good explanation here

also i kinda like that some people wouldnt instantly "get" it

makes it kind of an inside joke

BrandonB11 profile pic Artist

Maybe it's just me, but I thought you were trying to put a bust on people's bust. Thought that was kinda clever, even if it was unintentional.

thats actually pretty funny

i am now saying i thought of that and thats another meaning



i like the shirt! people who don't get need to watch WPT. I like the name too, thought it was something else when it read "bust"
i kinda like to bust in my gf's face


I've always wanted a blackjack-themed shirt, as I used to work with a counting team back in the day. I don't think this is it though. Keep at it!

BrandonB11 profile pic Artist

ya seriously that model looks like a bitch...

and i know whata jerk for not looking like she likes poker with a shirt about blackjack

god damn


clever and looks good on a shirt



grrrrr i know the feeling of this shirt $5


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