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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

HA! i JUST came up with a design involving this pun a few hours ago...so weird. Luckily it's a completely different take on the theme, but i enjoy your take as well on this clever lil pun. I think the pencils need to look WAAAY more like pencils, with the erasers the proper darker color and maybe the guns dropping lower out of the holsters to make it obvious what they are to people taking a quick look. And maybe a multi-colored pencil set on the gun belt as well? Still, fun design and look out for mine one of these days!


Sweet play on words. :D


This totally reminds me of Forgetful Jones on Sesame Street Not because he looks anything at all like him, but because of the bar scene bit that was always on. Remember? I think it was Billy the Kid that he'd have to out-draw. They'd each pull out a box of crayons from their holsters, if I remember correctly. Anyway, well done. :)

0Jim0 profile pic Alumni

I like it; but it's a little too semetrical

0Jim0 profile pic Alumni

I guess I can't spell today... sorry about that...


Make the pencils more obvious and it's a buy! 5


I like this a lot. Change color of the pencil erasers. My first glance at them made me think of fleshy (phalus) - er, sorry. My suggestion is to make them eraser red/pink. Ok I'm digging a hole here... ugh stop Sorry, but it's a legitimate comment


Needs a little more detail. Otherwise awesome.

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