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Small enough for 2

Design by t1nk3rb3ll3

Small enough for 2 by t1nk3rb3ll3 on Threadless
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very nice! probably my favorite of these subs. i was getting really sick of people illustrating the earth as a small object in one way or another. this is a great design whether its for this contest or not.....5$


thats so cute. $5

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

i agree! nice characters!


I also like the design as such but ask myself why there are only two "rides" when there would be space for more and the carousel obviously is not "small enough for two"... Is that too pedantic? Could the two rides be opposite with the riders reaching for each other through the middle?


great colors! very nice illustration.

t1nk3rb3ll3 profile pic Artist

Yes there is room for more riders and I could have filled the whole carousel up :) But that is the point I wanted to use something like a carousel, that usually has lots of people. I wanted to convey that feeling you get when your in love and your whole world is this person, and everything else seems unimportant. I just wanted to use something other than the earth to show that feeling. Thanks for the critique!

t1nk3rb3ll3 profile pic Artist

Also thanks for all the comments everyone :)




very nice

I like how the animals seem to be enjoying the kid's affection for each other


Merry go-rounds are fascinating. Good represenation.

t1nk3rb3ll3 profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the comments they make me smile!

I used the fox, because it is mentioned in the song and I picked the rabbit because it is a cute forest animal. There might have been some kind of subconscious thing going on though who knows :)

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