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Press my buttons.

I know there was a recent submission with 'boobs' spelled on it, and penny arcade has 'boobies', but I've had mine illustrated for a while and just getting around to submitting it. I wouldn't have submitted it if I didn't think it was different enough and more appropriate for threadless. Enjoy.

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I like how the entire shirt combines into the giant calculator on your chest area. I'd maybe like it a bit smaller, and turned the other way, since it's wierd your shirt is saying what's up to you when you look down. But a nice take on the idea, more subtle and smarter.


yes, right: smaller and up side down


I don't think upside down is necessary.

The Jolly Brewer

I think the way it is is right. makes you think when you see it. Nice design.


I like it right side up, but maybe just a little bit smaller?


we're going to slip this shirt on ouchouch when he's asleep ha ha ha


How could anyone confuse hello with a nonsense word just because of the lack of a 7??


Leave it the way it is, with ones and large, and dark grey! It's awesome! However I would still buy it with the calculator over the pocket, as that is kind of cute too :)

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