Foul Ball

Design by alanis

Foul Ball by alanis on Threadless
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alanis profile pic Artist

Even UFO pilots should keep their eyes on the ball...


that's pretty awesome, but I feel like the layout is a little too...awkward. I think you should either give it more 'fill in' detail, or make everything smaller abd put the kids down in one corner and the UFO in the opposite so you get a better spacial spread....I think that made sense. I really like your concept though...


uh oh - they are in trouble now!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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Really cute idea and i love the placement as it is....i think the spatial relation is plenty spacial right now. good work!

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haha! nice, very nice! 5$! :)


can you wrap one of the kids around the side of the shirt more?

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