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new, different style for this site


I immediately thought the same thing as squatterjohn. That, making the speech bubble smaller, and doing some kerning on the text.

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The back wheels form a pair.


I like the design as is. Maybe bigger, and on a different color shirt.

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The first thing i thought was that the front wheel is not the third wheel as well. While the ones in the back form a pair, one wheel in the front and one in the back would work better than two in the back unless you are popping wheelies everywhere you go. Third wheel by definition means the unnecessary component. I dunno, the whole joke lacks the logic to really strike me as funny. I think it's a good idea, but it has to be done another way to make sense that the third wheel is saying that. Nice renditioning of a bike tho.


i think i'd just like it with the tricycle only.. whould wouldn't want a shirt with just a lovely tricycle on it?

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