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works best in DENIM or PACIFIC BLUE. Hope you likes the added details. i'll post laterz for BIGGER version.


i seen this on a shirt b4. well the same concept, not your design.

roadkill3d profile pic Artist

excuse me "vinnylo". it's my own concept. u always go around and accuse people of stealing stuff on your comments. u should chill man.


I like it, $5 it, but I think others might think it's to "negative"


$5 buy here too ,pretty much mirroring framble

roadkill3d profile pic Artist

ok BobbyAnderson...

well i can honestly say that i haven't seen the shirt since we dont have "urban outfitters" here. lol

it was a revised design from my previous sub that i put more details on. no one ever mentioned ur statement before so i just decided to give it a go again.

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you have a nice style of illustration

roadkill3d profile pic Artist

thanks RADIOMODE. i adore ur style as well!


I looked back at your previous designs & noticed that I $5'd them all, well the last 4 anyway, I've only been on threadless less than a year.
So, what I'm trying to say is that I love your style! I think this design is really well done, but I personally wouldn't wear it, so 5, but no $.
Looking forward to more by you :)

roadkill3d profile pic Artist

haha! awww nikolina that's so sweet of you. thanks! now let's have a dinner lol


dude, i made more good comments on peoples pages than anything. this is for voting and critiquing as well. if i like it i say i like it, if i dont i will say i dont. as for this, i dint say i did or i didnt. just another "over" used concept. good day.


I gave the original a four, so this is going to have to be a $5! on dakota slate :)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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Fantastic roadside environments on this one, which really puts the $ in the 4 im gonna give ya. nice work on the shadow and feel of this one.

roadkill3d profile pic Artist

haha! not really chlobo107. one of those random things inspired by random thoughts!


astig ang mga designs mo tol! Keep them rolling! Ito favorite ko sa lahat ng running mo. $5!

roadkill3d profile pic Artist

dude that's really nice to hear coming from you. i'm glad at least someone notices my efforts! :D thanks man!


seems like the trees and watertower are too short

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