Space Oddity

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Space Oddity by RaveDave on Threadless
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I'm not crazy about the planet, but the hamster makes me smile.

chemi hydro

I think they want a quasar


The planet makes the hampster sizable. Nice one!


I really like this... but without the planet.


That is awesome....I'd buy it as is...the planet doesn't bug me....I think the shirt could work with or without it....either way is cool.


i had to really look for the stars, it looks awesome when i finally notcied them, if they could stand out a little more, without them it seems empty


I could be more clear that the "wheel" is in fact a space station. the planet is a start, but a stary background would not hurt


Fantastic concept and your artwork does it justice. I've been trying to draw a hamsters wheel for my 1st sub ( I may never finish the rate I'm going ) so I know how hard they are to get right ! $5. I would so buy this for my Dad who is a 2001 nut.


not baddd

Bio-bot 9000
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Your full version with the stars is awesome!!! I'd even leave in the moon (or earth, or whatever the non-ringed planet is), but it seems too complex compared with the simplicity of Saturn and the hamster

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