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Choose Your Weapon by starr226 on Threadless
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ladykat profile pic Alumni

Looks cool, I think it'd work even better if the rock/paper/scissors were above the hands, because they dominant the image.


I think the objects should be in correct sequence: rock, paper, scissors. I also agree with the rock looking too much like a meatball. I'm kinda in the middle about the hands. The make the image cool because of the gray on yellow, but I also would like the simplicity of just the rock, paper, and scissors.
I'd definitely get this shirt in a different (darker) color.


i would really love it if this were a front/back design
the title is spot on

chippos profile pic Alumni

i choose the.. pencil =)


Deffo just the cute cartoons ;]
Gosh, I wouldn't wana meet paper in a dark alleyway..

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

the rock looks ready to channel his energy - sweet shirt


Just the figures! No hands! And not on yellow... maybe blue or something a bit darker... not a light colour. Other than that: 5.


i'd put the hands behind the figures...


i wish i had 3d glasses


i love the faces on the objects! i like both your current design and chelly's idea of having it as a front/back design. both are spiff.


If not on the back, I think the hands would also look cool behind the anthropomorphic objects. Might have to tweak sizes/orientations a bit so it wouldn't just look like a wrist growing out of each of their heads though...


i like the 3D hands. but i think they do need to be separate from the illustration. One on the front and one on the back would be great!

TheArtRobot profile pic Alumni

Only the Hands, I like the 3-D Hands, they really make the design, but I don't think you need all that other stuff.

TheArtRobot profile pic Alumni

Get rid of the hands, they are too distracting, I don't think you need them.

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