venus fly trap

Design by Afromation

venus fly trap by Afromation on Threadless
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Va Va Voom! She is supa sexy!! Nice job :)


i dig the pencil lines showing.


id buy that
too bad i cant wear it to school...


normally i don't like nearly-nude women on shirts, but this one has potential. I'd like to see it on a dark tee, and maybe a more sketchy drawing.


Ditto the cleanup...and the weird lines near the boob. Nice otherwise, but as I commented earlier, I don't wear my competition. ;o)

wotto profile pic Alumni

hubba hubba


I do, stargirl22.

Just clean up the pencil lines please. I think it's ace.

Afromation profile pic Artist

Look if you don't like what you see don't say anything at all. This is my artistic expression, and I take offense to the comment.

Afromation profile pic Artist

Always thoses who do not draw themselves who have always negative thoughts say.


It's a good drawing, but it reminds me of those beer shirts kids wore in high school with the naked woman riding on the back of a motorcycle or something, posed just like this one. I don't think most people would wear something with a naked girl on it, no matter how "hot" she is. Use your talents for something better and more original. Please.

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