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Tonight on E! True Hollywood Story: 80’s Heroes: Where Are They Now???

Rainbow Brite’s days of innocence are over. She’s now a junkie living in a trailer park outside of Boca Raton.

Monchichi can be found in Brooklyn peddling “authentic Swiss timepieces.”

Strawberry Shortcake now leads the life of a bandit. She has also managed to pull My Little Pony down into her sleazy lifestyle as her get-away horse.

Smurfette can be found in Vegas doing naughty things on the street corners.

Raphael’s muscular physique has gone by the wayside as he now leads a flabby-filled life full of pizza and T.V. His buddy Michelangelo can be blamed for starting his pizza addiction (the first taste was free).

Everyone’ favorite Snork is now a booze-ridden dirty old man in a wife-beater.

Lovable Care Bear now spends his days as an assistant fry cook in a fast-food restaurant located in the bad side of town.

The only person who has managed to create a successful life for himself is He-Man, who lives quite comfortably with his partner, Orko, in a swanky San Francisco loft. He founded and owns the “Hey, Sugar” hair boutique chain.

(Close-ups of all of these classy folks can be found on my Flickr page, which you can access by clicking on my name “Twiggyhall” in the upper right. I will also post links to them here once this sucka’ is up & running.)


blue ninja turtles are awesome. but they made a comeback with a movie. he-man is being filmes as we speak, my little pony's are huge now a days.

Twiggyhall profile pic Artist

It's funny how a lot of these characters have come back eh, Vinny? :)

Twiggyhall profile pic Artist

I have the photos to prove it - lol


they come back and they are still making millions!

Twiggyhall profile pic Artist

lol Exigent - sooo many character left out, I know

Couldn't fit 'em all in!


I can't believe all of my favorite characters have gone down the tube. This shirt is an E! True Hollywood Story waiting to happen!

Twiggyhall profile pic Artist

lol :)


This is nicely done. Still wish ALF was there, though.

Twiggyhall profile pic Artist

hahaha - he ate too many cats

Twiggyhall profile pic Artist

Bummer - dropped early! Well, it wasn't because of the model - haha!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

Dammit i was just about to take the blame for this! shitty Twigs :( but, i think you've got a fully loaded arsenal and a good spirit to rebound and dominate threadless

Twiggyhall profile pic Artist

Thanks Maltz! :)

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

how have i never seen this before?
printz for me plz

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