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it says:
"rex's ambitions of becoming a superhero were quickly bypassed when he realized people are delicious". tee hee


screw text haters

the text is what makes this super great


kind of awesome

very awesome


I think the text could get moved a bit, but I love this.

empiricist profile pic Alumni

I think you should have taken this to the critiques first. Looks good but could use some work.

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

I wouldn't say "were quickly bypassed" I'd say somethimg more like "were quickly forgotten"

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

But otherwise I like this. It reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes.


Freshview would be correct. "People are delicious" is stating a fact, which doesn't cease to be. The tenses in the statement are fine.


it'd be awesome if the text was like a comic book


...the text needs to be more expressive


you should have put the text in one of those little boxes like in a comic book, like where they put narration or notes from the editor.


pretty please print this. O_O


ditch the text


The entire sentence is awkwardly worded, which is what is throwing people off. Something along the lines of "Rex's ambition to become a superhero was quickly abandoned when he realised that people are delicious" would flow better and put the attention on the humor and the drawing, rather than causing the reader/viewer to spend 10 minutes trying to figure out just what it is about the sentence that bothers them.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Who cares if the sentence is a bit awkward, not all comic strip lines are grammatically amazing either, but IT WORKS. Really funny...without the text, this wouldn't be half the shirt it is. I'd like the text underneath the dino and larger, or putting this in a comic-strip type environment or box to give it more of that ripped from the comix feel. Like this a lot tho.

  1. keep the quote the way it is. it's perfectly fine.

  2. keep the font. it works.

  3. keep making shirts that i want to buy. (this one is a $5!)

The illustration is awesome. I think it works with or without the text but if we're going to turn into grammar-nazis about it, it should read, "Rex's ambitions of becoming a superhero are quickly bypassed when he realises people are delicious".

jillustration profile pic Artist

ok since i got so many people saying they wanted different grammar/font/in a comic strip box i have added a coupla options here on flickr:
some different placements. i did the font myself, handwritten. I also changed the sentence to read: "Rex's ambitions of becoming a superhero are quickly forgotten when he realizes people are delicious". I do hope this makes people happier with it :) I may just resub.

jillustration profile pic Artist

i can also change it to say "rex's ambition of becoming a superhero is forgotten, i just reread some of the above statements. :)


change "quickly bypassed" to "dashed" and you've got a $5


I think you did a great job, and things should be left as is!


i like it alot

jillustration profile pic Artist

i think i will... i just need to figure out how to do the text in a way that will make most ppls happy

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

It's a tough crowd. You could always try another site (or =)

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