mix tape in my mind 2

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mix tape in my mind 2 by SKAutism on Threadless
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this is the same?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This is kind of like one of those bar games where you have to look at two nearly identical pictures to find the small details that are different. After clicking back and forth a few times between the old and the new, i did in fact notice that the headphones are now a deeper shade of blue, and the cds in the back of the oddly shaped mixtape skull have a slightly different reflection. Sadly, i don't think those are the things that people who didn't examine both versions of this with high powered magnifying glasses would really notice and change the way they scored the last one. I don't mind this design, just like i dont mind the last one. I'm still not a big fan of the colors tho or the extremely mis-shapen head. Round those puppies off and give the picture more zip color-wise, and you got a possible winner. but not on here, submit to other sites because we already have two versions of this one! Best of luck to ya.

SKAutism profile pic Artist

Sorry about the same design. I figured that since there was a gradient in the CD the other would be rejected since every other one was.


this is an intense design
i adore it
i want it
print it

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