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well in that totally classic board game, The Game of Life, you get a little car with pink and blue pegs to stick in it


love it, though will HRC get pissed if you use their logo? (they can be awfully touchy)


Was going to say... with to men up front there won't be baby pegs in back without some hard work


I love that it's supporting same sex marriage. I do this with my Life pegs.

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they should be driving thru wine country

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Of course it has something to do with people being gay. the men's shirt has two men figures in the front and the ladies's tee has two women in the front- the same front of the car used to denote the husband and wife in the original game of Life. Geez people! lol. I really dig this game and the drawing, i just wish the concept didn't go for gay but instead for an awesome situation with the pieces.... if the car had landed on a bankrupt spot below it, and instead of the station wagon the car was a beetle or another old beat up jalopy that a whole family was riding around in. Or something.


the pins should be done better i think ;]



Didn't stop Gay Pride from being designed and selling well.


I like this game! =) 4
Straight version, please. I would not buy this one.


love it, but I think that you should loose the HRC logo. that'd make most of our anti gay friends have to think a bit harder to get it




i really like...very clever


Cool idea, and it's well done too. If I recall correctly, though, the people pegs are a little more detailed; I think they have arms. And it might be better without the sticker. I don't think it needs to be more obvious than it is, and there could be problems with using that image.


What if you had three cars - one both blue, one both pink, one blue and pink? The would get more buyers, I think.


so creative in it's simplicity. a great statement.


I wondered this same thing the last time I played Life....

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Why over-think this? This is a great t-shirt!


haha, I love it. Is it bad that I'm gay and I didn't even notice the gay reference until I saw the HRC logo?


I would have understood it a lot quicker if it had the other type of people in it. And the sticker doesn't add that much for the copyright issues it would bring up. Like the idea.


genevrar, the game rules say you have to get married before you can have any children. And even if we did break the rules, kids go in the backseat.


Can we have pink in the guys size shirts too? I can't wear the "girlie" shirts.


I say drop the sticker. The people who are going to get the idea immediately, probably don't need reinforcement by the sticker. And the people who won't get it, probably are confused by the sticker anyway.

A Subaru logo on the other hand... j/k.

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