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biticol profile pic Artist

3rd part of my design trilogy with women faces.
Go to my profile to see the 2 others and... I hope you'll enjoy it!



biticol profile pic Artist

Please, tell me why is it cliche for you? It's very important for to learn from your critics. Thank you.


Nice, but I think her jawline is a bit too square and mannish. Like the bomb coming out of her eye tho

biticol profile pic Artist

I made a few days ago another version with changes on the lines and proportions to make it less mannish. It's just a few changes, I'll upload it tomorrow.


The colors are dope, but the style's been done too much.


I like it, but I'm not sure about the weird ghost things hanging out by her mouth.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I don't find biticool's attempt at this very cliche arrangement that cliche. It really stands out to me as a different attempt at the boring style of women faces with crap around them. It flows sooo much better than many of these types of designs, it looks fantastic with the slightly odd placement, and the tear bomb falling out of the eye is especially a nice contrasting touch. The colors are fiery and fantastic. I like this way more than the older "what i am" and the newer printed sub with the woman with a black bar over her eyes and the bird flying away. Great work man.


biticol profile pic Artist

In my opinion you're right i could have chose a jessica alba picture, but i've taken normal pictures of normal people for the 3 images.

biticol profile pic Artist

Or also using a very clear yellow... i'll try it. but anyway on a shirt i don't think it'll be that bright.

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