Weapons of Mass Imagination

Design by mindtrance

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mindtrance profile pic Artist

This is a resub of a previous sub. When you were a kid I’m sure you had toys that you imagined were real. The water balloon that was your grenade… the pop gun you used to take out zombies and save the world… the ray gun that protected your dog from aliens. We present to you, “Weapons of Mass Imagination”. This collaboration is between Mindtrance and Flying Mouse. Mindtrance came up with the idea, and Flying Mouse did the artwork, placement and colors. This works especially good as a kid’s shirt, and on crème, purple or banana.


i still like it

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Barely different, just the positioning is all i notice, but i still really dig it.


give it some zing by making the text resemble the sound it is making

ZAP -- sharp edges on it
SPLASH -- watery lines involved
POP - as if it just popped
etc etc

comic books are a great reference to see what I'm
talking about ( well, most comic books )

mindtrance profile pic Artist

that's a good idea helo, that's how I had originally sketched it.

mezo profile pic Alumni

LOL at karla's comment versus her profile pics.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Oh, the idea with the design is there...it's solid. But I find the execution not on par with what it could be. I'd like a better balance between the words & images....and better color scheme. Vomit pink & yellow aren't working for me on that purple shirt. Also, what's up with the tiny areas of white?

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

it's RAD--that's what makes it a good design

mindtrance profile pic Artist

Good thoughts Mezo... I might see if I can play around with some ideas.

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Alumni



the original had a knife where the cardboard tube is now

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

mezo on Sep 04 '07
LOL at karla's comment versus her profile pics.


mindtrance profile pic Artist

It wasn't printed. :(

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