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Thank You by grofat on Threadless
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i like everything else except the font. but still...5.


Very well executed. No pun intended. - a 4 from me.


the robot reminds me of Canti from FLCL - which is a good thing :)


certainly gave a good explanation as to why you think this has to do with 'singularity' but i feel this in no way has bearing to 'singularity' in reference to mae's new album. Funny idea though.

Count Duckula

It's cute and I like the idea behind it however it would be nicer in a different color.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I like the word bubble, i just wish it was a bit smaller and a different font. But this is a great tee about a very cliche and tired subject...i love the flow of the computer to the smiling lazy dude typing away not knowing he is about to die. The color doesn't really bother me of the tee, but i'd most likely sport this if it was made.


I Don't Like How Every Word Is Capitalized - I've always found that sort of thing very distracting.

Freddie Mokuyobi

this is very effective with the description

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