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Group Hug by justin.castaneda on Threadless
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I LOVE the looks on the marshmallow's & chocolate's faces!


i want in the hug!!! YUM!

justin.castaneda profile pic Artist

thanks! I like the khaki color as well. I was thinking of going with a white or a black but that seemed to standard for me.


I love it! I must have it! $5


I do not like the colour that much either. I think maybe a green or an orange? Orange like heat for the whole campfire traditional food or what not?
I still love the execution though!

justin.castaneda profile pic Artist

yeah i was gonna use an orange but I went with more of an earthy tone since people usually roast smores on a camping trip in the woods. I think the khaki works as subtle backdrop to the design and helps pop out the idea.


haha, great camp t-shirt or just hanging out with a bunch a friends...awesome work


Thats great! The marshmallow is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

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