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Hi my name is
Hi my name is profile pic Artist

Hope you like it.
Please feel free to zoom in to see detail.


I like the design a lot, maybe some other t-shirt color though.


beautiful pupil and iris

I think the lighter colored shirt with the blue iris reads as
an eye better than the grey iris design.

I almost missed the close up of the design you put in the
background of your presentation - which proves the
message you put in there.


Wicked! $5


I like it on the white.


good concept, but most people wouldnt have time to see the message if they passed it in the street unfortunately
could do with a rethink - 3


I think it's perfect - people passing by would have one view, people who took the time to check it out would have a different take on it. I want several of this one. Maybe one for me, finally!


green or yellow. the one on the black tee looks cool


amazing design
don't think it's as good as it could be with either of the shown colour schemes shown here though.


wow i love this a lot 5

Hi my name is
Hi my name is profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the nice comment. Hopefully it will be printed.



please print aahhhhh this is gorgeous!

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Missed this one. Love the hidden message! Very cool idea and nice execution.

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