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Nice Costume by theurbanraptor on Threadless
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zipperking profile pic Alumni

I hope I'm not missing something completely obvious, but what is he suppose to be?


i also want to know what he is suppose to be


I'm thinking the white one dressed up like a worm on a fishing hook....? The blue one is a knight. Cute idea:)


lol yeah it is Nightcrawler

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

lol at non-nerds trying to figure this out

courtney pie

you shut up maltz! (jk)


I stand corrected.... even tho I have no idea what you all are talking about :)


Oh don't get discouraged by my reaction....I really don't get much! Hah...I'm sure MANY people will get it.


it was super funny once I got it, my husband's into comics
maybe an X logo on his trick or treat bag to help?


I support this, simply by virtue of being so nerdy it hurts. love

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

BRILLIANT ------- 5$


I thought it was a hydrothermal vent worm

mj00 profile pic Alumni

Heh, I'm a Nightcrawler fan and I still managed not to get it. I didn't read that as a uniform, I thought it was a tulip or something.


i love nightcrawler as well and i didn't get it either. I think i automatically look for the "bamf" effect when i see him. lol

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

lol...i thought the worm was wearing a Michael Jackson vest...which would be funny in of itself. I don't know X-Men very well, so nightcrawler wasn't at the tip of my head. Still two funny costumes equals a decent grade for this one.

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

Maybe if you gave him some fangs and a demon tail tied to his little wormy tail?

Bramish profile pic Alumni

I love X-Men but I wouldn't have got Nightcrawler froom that. I thought it was Dracula. Also, I don't get what Nightcrawler has to do with worms.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

I've never heard worms referred to as nightcrawlers before. Is it an American thing?


I hope that the lack of comic-book understanding doesn't hurt you...I think it's a great concept.


I thought he was supposed to look like a cobra, he is standing like a snake... Nightcrawler is better

Jai Deliete

I thought he was supposed to be a nightcrawler dressed up as Nightcrawler.

Really, the fact that a lot of people here didn't get the idea at first just makes the line "Why didn't I think of that?" that much better. Great submission.

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