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City Lights by oftheforgotten on Threadless
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oftheforgotten profile pic Artist

This design was inspired by the photography of Brett aka Benji aka yourfriendlymaemerchguy of Mae on tour.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

I love the gold effect, but I'll be disappointed if this was made using a Photoshop filter.

Looks like a wallpaper image of a city.

mj00 profile pic Alumni

Yeah, it looks too filtery to me (regardless of how it was actually made). I think I'd rather see something more stylized. Apart from that, can you explain the connection to the Singularity theme? I'm not seeing it.

herky profile pic Alumni

very nice, I like the reflections on the water


I agree with the above on this one, I don't like the fact that this looks like it could have been done with a simple filter. You need to add some of your own style to this or it won't work out.


Is that Perth, Western Australia? :P


I'm wondering if technique is clouding the votes
of some with this design. I'm clueless about filters
and whatever procedures are available in those
super expensive illustration programs. Is it possible
to ignore how something was made when voting
on it ? What if this is from an image that oftheforgotten
created before he "filtered" it ? Would that change
people's negative view of possible filtering ?

Overall it's a decent night cityscape with a water reflection,


the colors ( brown and Dijon mustardy colors with white )
are colors associated with toilets. sorta like the city is right
next to a sewage river. I would like to see other color schemes
before I vote unless these colors are the final colors of this
design. oftheforgotten, are you willing to try other
colors ? ( funky & creative colors will make my vote higher.
plain/expected colors will probably get you a 2 from me.
the present colors bother me enough to give it a score of 1 or 2 )

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

It's pretty but I could make that in like 8 seconds.


Oh my, I love it! It would look great if the buildings were black and the shirt was white!


step 4. put on shirt

TA DA!!!


wtf it took out steps 1-3
here are the steps
1. google "city" and find image
2. open photoshop
3. go to filter then artistic then cutout
4. put on shirt

TA DA!!!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni's a bustling metropolis up top, and underwater we see the Katrina New Orleans version of the same city! That's different.


i quite like it, it reminds me of stone jungle. not crazy on the colours though.....


I think what was said above was supposed to be:

1. google "city" and find image
2. open photoshop
3. go to filter then artistic then cutout
4. put on shirt
5. ????
6. PROFIT!!!

I 5'd this, because I like it. And it does look like stone jungle, and I have that one, so yeah. Also, if he used photoshop, that doesn't take away from how the thing actually looks, and no one is going to care when you're wearing it, so I don't see why that takes away from the design. It could use some touch ups, but I like it.


this getting a 2.47 makes me want to punch babies

its bs


ya but up untill just a few hours ago this design beat every single one of my designs in score... and it just makes me grumpy


still wins waht???

this will never be printed cause its a piece of shit

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