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12 Films and Counting by chocopants on Threadless
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Before you read this description, look at each colored bar and try to figure out what they all represent. Here's the answer: each row is the color palettes of the two main characters of each Pixar movie released so far.

Pixar has poured so much into our hearts. I'm pretty sure the word "pixar" translates literally to magic.

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Now this is cool. Super clever and different, and yes Pixar is amazing. It kinda looks like those military pins that high ranking officers wear, I like it!

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this is great $5


I especially love the Wall-E and Up lines. Clever idea and good execution, just wish it wasn't on grey.


Very creative!


I have to agree with tomgreever. This is a very clever design but without reading your description and thinking for a minute it would be impossible to make a connection. Once I got "it"- brilliant!


interesting, cool!

The Escape Artist

While I kind of agree with the above comments regarding the inability to "decode" your concept without prior explanation, I think major Pixar fans, after reading your description, would love to wear something like this. Particularly for the appeal of it being almost like a private joke,"the secret society of Pixar/Threadless fans that wear this tee".

I think you could revise this concept in the future with great results if you find a solution for making the image more visually dynamic than a uniform grid/almost A4 sized outline.


Just saw this and without looking at the description I was able to figure it out. Great job! Wonderful! I love Pixar. Hoping to work there maybe.

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