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tomburns profile pic Artist

see my blog for shirt color options, large versions of the art, and the original sketch


Ha! I enjoy how happy, oblivious, and creepy the kids are. I think you need to fix the color fill between the adults legs.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Yeah, what savrona said. Nice change of style for ya, and great idea! Maybe also have the father's reaction be a little more eye-popping. 4$

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

the coloring on this one bugs the hell out of me cause they kinda look like pigs right now not horses. maybe if you were to ditch teh blonde and use a brown instead?


what's elners?

tomburns profile pic Artist

rushed? haha, hardly. how so?

tomburns profile pic Artist

tony, don't feel stupid!

Its just that glue is said to be made out of horses, so since the kids are eating it, and they are part horse, it is quite sickening to the parents


for some reason the no pants with skin colored bottoms is wierd...
thats all that i can concentrate on...
i would like to see some hair or texture, like that of a horse, on the bodies, otherwise they kind of remind me of barbie/ken dolls half dressed, like maybe there should be something there

other wise, made me laugh :)

tomburns profile pic Artist

their bodies are orange, as far as I have seen, that has never been a skin tone... But ok

cpdesign profile pic Alumni

Crazy concept and crazy skills. Nice job!


remindsmeof that south park episode:

now thats/ what I call...a sticky situation!


herky profile pic Alumni

great characters and vibrant colors, excellent expressions


ROFL!!!!!!! omg that rox. i give it a five and i'de buy it!


I got the glue:horses, but I'm ancient; back in my day, we ate real paste in kindergarten. The kind that probably WAS made from horses. It was delicious. Colors are good; I agree that 'horse' halves ought to be darker. Also fix fill between parents' legs. More horror in father's face and less ... um, Rick Moranis. Nicely twisted and definitely different.

tomburns profile pic Artist

wow, what a suck-tacular score! :)

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