Mushroom Cloud

Design by Monkey III

Mushroom Cloud by Monkey III on Threadless
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Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Artist

I dreamed about making a trip to mushroom kingdom.
I believe when toad explodes, you can see a mushroom cloud.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni, what an abstract Mario reference. i like this a ton, and if you are going for more of the Mario lighter touch, i'd go with the wide-eyed version of the mushroom cloud.

This might also be funnier if you have some small characters from the Mario series on top of some of the mountains, looking up in awe at the mushroom cloud. But still fun stuff and on red.

herky profile pic Alumni

nice graphic and halftones, I like the red color combo.

WanderingBert profile pic Alumni

Great work- I'm really loving the mario mountains. I might've liked a little more detail on the cloud, but regardless this is a totally awesome design!


I would like this without the eyes, love the shapes at the bottom. I am glad you didnt put in Mario, makes it an 'in' joke for those who know and still appeals to those who dont.


I like the Wide eyed cloud as it is. I like it without the Mario characters. $5 I don't think halftone on the cloud would be good...I like the cloud simple.

BubuSam profile pic Alumni

If the bottom mushrooms can be smoother and not just been cut off with a curve line, I think it will looks better and natural. This is just my personal thought ^_^


5 with the round eyes. don't like the x eyes


OMG, this is amazing

I don't know why this isn't getting too much attention

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

very nice, love the halftone effect and don't mind that the cloud does not have the same halftones. Love the XX eyed cloud. 5+$

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Artist

I'm pretty sure that Kaw person didn't invent the x-ed out eyes :)
But thanks for the heads up.


Yes I have to say that the bottom graphics are really nice but the top half overtakes it a bit to much, good though.

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