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Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

Why is she yelling "ho"? Is it self referential or directed towards the dude?


meh, predictable, and the word balloon ruins it. The curviness at the bottom of the skirt looks wierd and the smile on the guy is too big. It...could be funny, but mostly it's just annoying. "yay harassment" and all that.

courtney pie

yea? why's it say "ho" ?? if it's "oh" then def $5


yeh i'd skip the speech bubble all together. the graphic is enough. great without the speech.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Wow...people really put a lot of comment time into a sub this dumb. Sorry, but Threadless is not the site for bathroom people jokes and rude thoughtless stuff like this.


Great but with out the "ho" 4


$5, but only if you get rid of the "ho".

ndstillie profile pic Alumni

i like the ho. i like to think its what she calls herself while looking in the mirror


wait - are people saying it's sexist if the guy pinches, but appropriate and funny if the girl does? My god, how sexist is our society?!?! Talk about a double standard. I like the shirt, as I said above - without the comment"ho".

graphic: good, speech bubble: bad, double standard: pathetic.

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