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Sorry. Again.


Weirdly, I spent a good portion of the weekend drawing unicycles. I'm not sure the pedals work as they're shown here- all the ones I've seen have one raised and one lowered and here it looks straight across (maybe it's an angle thing?). Anyway, looks great. I'm very fond of the color palette.


mjoo it looks to be the angle because i didn't see the straight across until you said something. mezo for a brief moment you got my hopes up. the design is of course, wonderful.


You can get a civil unicycle in vermont if youre into that sort of thing. $5


i'd buy this for my boyfriend (a magician who desperately wants to learn to ride a unicycle) and i'd probably laugh out loud every time he wore it in public. Five5Dollaaaahs. =)


damn. i hope you can have 2 prints because i want the bunny one for my kids and this one for me.
would a couple be represented by a regular bike or by some kind of freaky tandem unicycle?

5$ because you're it's so handsome


oh typo, curses


This is precious and bold at the same time, $6.
Lovely illustration style!!


hahaha... even better use of exhibitionism!... and I mean that in a good way.


this is a cool style. i like the treads and the details on the pedals, seat, etc.

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i thought you were married, well i mean if you're offering. but I am gone if your husband finds out.

da Face

This is great. I am single and always desired to ride unicycles (I was even comtemplating a cooking show when the chef rides on a unicycle the whole time and was dubbed the "Unichef" or something like that).


I forgot to mention that these colors are very pleasing to me.


This would feel good as I straddled its saddle.


Great linework & colours Steph.


scrolls rock. also, i hope lots of people in relationships will get the chance to piss off their partners by wearing this


o wow that's damned funny. Funnier if you are married or in a long-term relationship b/c you can always say "i aint talking about me. It's a true fact about the unicycle!" I love the action effects coming off of the pedals....4$


like it ^^


HA this reminds me of something that should already be on VintageVantage or something. LOVE


ehehehehe! is that a banana seat? $5

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