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Edword profile pic Alumni

nice work!

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Just like Glennz' Jenga sub, only with nicer colours and a new approach.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Seriously, HOW IN THE WORLD does this remind someone of 9/11? Because people are parachuting off blocks that resemble a building? I don't seem to remember any of those videos from that fateful day. Anyways, yeah, I thought this reminded me of Glennz until Kaloyster reminded me that Glennz made this kind of concept a while back, but i like this one's choice of colors and truly dizzying perspective. I'm hitting this up with a smooth 4$..but very gently as to not mess with the other pieces.

shuyi profile pic Artist

mmm...i never knew that someone had already did 'jenga' idea before, however, both same object but totally different idea and approach. hope u guys like it.

* the guy at the top is just havent open-up his parachutting, cuz it'd only open after jumping.


outlines of the parachute are clearly visible on his back, and it really wouldn't make any sense if he had already opened it. nice


really funny!


i like the orange


I think if the Jenga thing were more obviously tipping... like breaking apart a bit, then it would work better.

I give this a 4. I like it.

melanies felony

hehe just because of karontes pic i read it as him being sarcastic


does eating breakfast make you guys think of 9/11 too? gimmie a break!

shuyi profile pic Artist

i actually doesnt mean any harmful... i just try to make 'jenga' idea in funny way... im sorry if it recall some sad memories... :(

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