Global Warming

Design by noponies

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funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

i like it on white...and i especially like the little flame dude on the right


I like it, but I would change two things: make it easier to identify that as our planet, and not put the spaceship so close to them.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I've never seen the biggest threat to the human race summed up so delightfully adorable. I wanna hug this design. Nice one.

courtney pie

i think i like it best on white.
$5 either way


Genius and cute.


Oh and I like it on the dark blue more than the white!


The Ramones hairdos are a nice touch.


I really like the idea, but I couldn't tell that they were burning Earth.
It just looked kinda like a marble.
Maybe if it was in space and other planets were floating by... oh! with other aliens burning them...? possibly?
But yeah, earth should look more earthly.


Neat! I have a global warming series that I am putting out for submissions. My first one is in my blogs. I think this one is awesome tho.

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