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Giving Tree by seankinberger on Threadless
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Kookaberry profile pic Alumni you wanted suggestions in critique in order to ignore them and submit this anyway?


People are going to connect the text with the Shel Silverstein book, and be confused when there is no further connection.

seankinberger profile pic Artist

the truth is i accidentally entered into the running, so im sorry if I confused all of you. im still working on other versions. the original design was for my friends surf company and he never got it printed but i really liked the design. So I called it Giving tree because i thought it looked like the tree was giving the water back even though it clearly needs it. sorry for all of the confusion with the book, but thanks for the comments : )


I do like this a lot, but you'd best change the text to something other than "Giving Tree", otherwise people will get confused.
The way I interpretted the blue leaves was that it was giving back water... or something. ._. Nice idea, regardless of the text.

mj00 profile pic Alumni

Try writing something like "Rain Forest" on the banner instead.

seankinberger profile pic Artist

yeah it wraps around.

I am getting way more feedback in the design forum than i was in the critique forum so please keep up the comments please : )


I really like the concept, but not the text - I think it could do with some refinement. I'll be interested to see what you do after this and critiques!

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