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Yes, of bad designs. :P

This one is kinda cute though!!

jalidd profile pic Alumni

great idea!!!


i've seen this same idea done in some finnish tv commercial so it feels like it's not your idea at all :D but i trust that you haven't been watching finnish tv channels too much, so 4 ;D

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

You should have really gone with this design. Have some footprints walking off of the sign and have him sitting on a couch watching tv with a beer or something with the shovel propped up. It could be great but it needs more.


I like the subtlety of it but heck yeah to the beer :-)

D-maker profile pic Artist

thanks, but I prefer keep it simple and the guy away from ¨work¨.
anyway thanks for your coments and for voting.


It might be more recognisable if you leave the shovel stuck in the dirt pile.

D-maker profile pic Artist

mmmm. Maybe, but could see like an arrow.
The point is that the guy is resting and leave his work.


leave an outline of the guy in the sign and leave the shovel in the sign. that helps show the origin of the sign and why would i take my shovel with me if i was gonna take a breather.


I'd agree with moving him some. I thought he fell off of it at first. I might not have realized what he's doing it not for the title.


this is awesome, but the sign is not really one I have seen that often... maybe try with some other "warning" type signs. I really like it though.

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