You Are What You Eat

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You Are What You Eat by WhitneyBeth on Threadless
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As the old saying goes.... although I'm not sure it originally applied to argyle. ;-)

I am showing this here with two options for the back of the shirt.

Back #1 shows the clothesline and the fence wrapping all the way around the shirt, with the baby goat (still white and hungry) not having eaten anything off the line.

Back #2 shows the baby goat biting into the tee itself, about to turn lime-colored once he takes his first swallow.

If you have a back option preference (and you want to influence threadless if this gets printed) leave a comment and say which one you want.

I know the details of the design are a bit hard to see, so detail shots can be seen here, on the design critique page. V.13 shows front detail, v.14 shows clothing detail from the front, and v.15 shows detail from back option #1.

Hope you like this! Thanks to everybody in critiques who helped it along!


haha cute! && i like the back with the baby goat biting the tee

...i've seen those socks before...

oo && on sea foam :]


WhitneyBeth this turned out absolutely beautifully and I also want to compliment you on really listening to all the suggestions when this was in critique. You handled this like a true professional and I think not only will this design prove you to be a true designer but so will the many wonderful future designs of yours that we are all anxious to see :-)


This really has come out a treat. Really well done.


The spots are all over the one goat's face, why isn't the plaid or the argyle all over the other goats' faces? That's my only qualm. Adorable otherwise.


Back 2 lolers =D


Back 1 $5


Put back #2 on the sleeve and you've got a goat extravaganza! Another tee on my gotta have list : )


Very nice design, but it a slightly better execution would be nice


serf comment: it's good nice pattern work - I'm a sucker for patterns

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hahaha. isaboa, i didn't mean it like that. thanks so much for the comments :-)


oh this is perfect! sometimes i can never decide if i want to wear argyle, stripes, plaid, polka-dots, with this shirt i can just wear them all at once


very cute concept...


Back 2 is so cute. Seafoam or silver for the tee.

jet approves

great job! it looks awesome.

Flying Mouse

I like the concept, and nice texture. Good job!

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thanks, everybody for the comments! i really appreciate all the support you have shown me since the beginning of this design!


Yep, loved it in Critiques and love it here. $5.

1 design submitted - Score now!

pretty cool stuff! sweet illustration! my high five for this! :)


i think this is really good, some shading would give it more depth and make it a bit more punchy though, like maybe if u had put in some shadows down near the feet. the treatment of the grass seems a bit clumpy, but other than that its a pretty decent design :)


i love the idea of the second back, with the fence graphic wrapping all the way around. also, i think it would help if the you could vary the line weight a little, perhaps make the outline of the goats at least darker than that of the fence they are in front of, and perhaps even make it the heaviest line in the design. but overall, i totally dig, nice job :)


Very much improved from when it was in critique. I wouldn't have the patience to do all those patterns personally, so that really impresses me.


this is so cute!!!! $5
i like back #2 with just the baby goat biting the tee

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thanks so much, everybody! i do hope that it gets printed so that you will be able to buy it :-)


one piece of feedback. shouldn't the goat's tails be the last thing to change since it's the point furthest from their mouth, where the food is introduced? i love the concept!


love love love. i would prefer front and back 1. and then back 2 on the sleeve xD i like it on lime. think mint would look good too

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hahaha, willow.... i don't know. it is a mystery how these goats change... perhaps it the fabric has to be digested first, in which case it would spread outward starting with the stomach ;-)


Good answer WB! I just stopped by to make sure this was still going strong, I cannot wait to wear it!


Ooo what Annie in Wonderland said!!


I really like back one, awesome design none the less. Either one works, but I like the wrap around fence more.

I like the goats :-)

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maybe... try scaring them with an umbrella! ;-)


This is really good! I'd like it even more if the baby goat had a lime patch near his mouth or stomach though...

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so i just realized everybody that the link to the details on the critique wasn't working! so CLICK HERE! to see the detail shots. v.13, 14, and 15.

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i don't know why, but i thought that this would score better. any advice for reworking it?


2.41 is hardly something to sneeze at! You did great now we just have to beg Threadless to listen to the people and print print print!




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