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Robsoul profile pic Artist

A brilliant novel by William Golding which I'm sure many of you are familiar with. There are three colorways: 1) Gold foil on white 2) Tropical colors on white 3) Tonal black lineart with cyan pop color on charcoal. The pig's head on the spike is a back shoulder hit. Presentation is an animated GIF, 25 sec between slides, or view a closeup via this link -

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Simple but effective illustration of the story. Love the gold on white.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

yeah I think i prefer teh one color of this


i think the design is actually better than the book. nice touch w/ the broken glasses.

(matthijs) profile pic Alumni

awesome job!

25 seconds is perhaps a bit too much, but I waited to check out every colour combo. I prefer the blue on slate.

mezo profile pic Alumni

...Wow. I much prefer the 1 color. More subtle, soft. I love how your subs are so personal and clearly hand sketched.

Edword profile pic Alumni

nice illo fo sho!

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

im a color man myself, between the last 2, but i need more white shirts so the "tropical version" for me, print it already

pilihp profile pic Alumni

i love the one color!


where's the fat kid? dead already?

Robsoul profile pic Artist

Yeah, this is at the point where Piggy has been killed and the savage mentlity has overcome all the kids with Jack in full control. Piggy's glasses are laying shattered on the ground next to the conch and in front of the boys. As I recall, the conch should or was destroyed shortly after the death of Piggy, but I wanted to keep it intact as a visual piece, a little artistic liberity.

Robsoul profile pic Artist

hahhaha, thanks Mandyhello, but the cover is already amazing, at least the one done by Baron Storey.

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

totally cool illustration, and in theme with theme movie/book - well done dude!

dacat profile pic Alumni

I think my fav is the gold on white, sweet design $5

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

i'd buy it on any colour

herky profile pic Alumni

awesome one color design, I'd choose the gold foil on white.

hogboy profile pic Alumni

man I love how organic & energetic your drawings are. Great work as usual. $5


Lord of the fliessssssssss

You captured it well.


really nicely done, i like the details like the broken glasses and the conch. i don't really like this book, but i am loving the design.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

after watching it a few more times .. i also really liek teh blue on charcoal


I favour the blue/pink.....


hm i really like the last two but i like white tshirts so i must say blue/pink one is my favorites
i would buy this in a flash i LOVE it great job
i loved lord of the flies and i hope this prints
i give you 5

Robsoul profile pic Artist

hahahaha, how did I do that, thanks for pointing that out tonteau


rock on brothaman


abeadle profile pic Alumni

This is so lovely $5


great artwork, but may be too close to the book for copyright infringement

franx profile pic Alumni

i'll give you a 5 even though you've apparently posted this about a year early;)

i dig the one color version most.

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

the one color version is....umm...golden...

Awesome work. Love the organic lines.

Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

You've done an amazing job of giving this design the same restless energy from the book. Awesome work, Rob

danrule profile pic Alumni

always like to see your drawings, but why do I have to wait 25 sec to see the alternates?!

Robsoul profile pic Artist

You could also copy + paste the link I placed in the first comment, danrule. One day I buy Flash and use SWF files. One day.


I have read the book so many times as has my brothers( we moved alot) and i will tell you honestly I got tired of reading it, but this design is awesome.

I am voting for the gold


I'm really bummed that non of the lord of the flies subs have had simon in them. Plus they all look too similar for my taste

and this lacks piggy, i know the glasses are his symbol, but i can't bring myself to enjoy this sub to it's full potential without piggy.

but great job!

Robsoul profile pic Artist

Oh man that's great, do you have any photos of your party? If so, please post them in the BLOG regarding the LOTF, I'd love to see them.


nice, simple depiction. boys will be boys. savages will be savages.
i like it best = aqua on the dark grey (if those are, indeed, the colours)

Kojima profile pic Alumni

Looks classy with gold on white.


awesome, i like all 3 color options, but 3 the best.


i really really really really want this to print its one of my favorite books ever and i love the artwork on this tshirt!

Robsoul profile pic Artist

HA, I just read my description on the sub "The July, 2008 edition of the Collab Project" and I was like "what?, I just did this, nooo that was ages ago". Yep it was last year '07, silly me. Good times.

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