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I've had this design for a while but decided to make it more rustic and worn looking in keeping with its theme - I hope you like!


ninja this bitch! I like it $4, but wasnt a bike type thing done before? The green one?

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Thanks Brownstar! Your right there is already a bike but with a different theme - there's also over a billion bikes on the planet & some 470 millions in China alone so I hope there's room for at least 1 more here on Threadess :)


I like the green on yellow version


Placement's a little odd for the ladies...

...or maybe that's just me.


how exactly is this a different theme from Infinity MPG?


Yeah, the concept is just way to close to the existing shirt for me to vote high for this.

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Cheers PassionFruit! I don't think I need to spell out how Re:Cycle is different from infinity mpg - they are both strong concepts and hopefully hold their own.

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Thanks Guys!
Koboshi I tried out the arrows rotating the other way to convey movement but then it wouldn't be recycle and it just looked totally wrong :) Thanks 4 all your comments so far & please keep them coming!


I ilke this shirt a lot, even thought it took me a while to get that the recycle sign was on the tire! 5

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I checked them out SourBitch and yes they use the recyle mark in the wheels but cladly it looks nothing like my design or execution so I'm happy there's no comflict - out of all my designs I'd love to see this printed I reckon I wear it constantly!

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