Birds of a Feather

Design by Verdana

Birds of a Feather by Verdana on Threadless
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Verdana profile pic Artist

Birds of a feather -OR- Peacock Lady Finds a Friend.

It's true that people look like their pets! Or possibly I just like drawing curlicues.


The t-shirt is too dark for the colors you've chosen for the design, in my opinion.


and possibly i like WEARING curlicues

beesneak profile pic Alumni

I like it. I think it would be a great kids shirt as well.


i love this except for two things - the ridiculous angular hips and the pointy facial expressions. and agreed with the person above that perhaps a slightly lighter colour shirt would be better


this usually isnt the kind of stuff i like... but the colors are superb and it is just so well done... 5


Oohhhh, beautiful. I love the color scheme, too.


This is so great--I'm sick of pictures of people looking like their dogs--we need more pictures of people looking like their birds!


this is cool. ilke the colors. i wold wear this


I like this, the design has a nice balance to it.


I really like your design, but I would like on a different color shirt, or maybe just lighter color shirt.


Why...why do I love this shirt so much?

Randy Jackson

Yo dawg, colors are nice and the illustration is cute, but I'm not really feelin the concept. I might have to leave this one up to the other guys, but you definetly got some talent. Keep doin your thing dude!

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