Bad Apple

Design by Monkey III


Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Artist

Such a naughty apple.

I put it on a white tee, cause nobody likes white tees.
Fits the theme and colours perfectly.
But I'm sure it would look good on any other tee.
I don't even care, cause I'm a bad apple too.

beesneak profile pic Alumni

I would rock this!

plastic taxi cab?

oh man, I was in New York once and there was an guy in an apple costume (ya know Big Apple, anywho) and I took a picture of my friend with him and then he asked for a tip and I told him I had no money and his response was "then f**K you, ya scumbag!" this definitely reminded me of that right away haha.

Kojima profile pic Alumni

Nice Japanese humor.


Hahaah, this rocks.




this actually made me laugh out loud

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Yeah, the eyes closed clinches it. This traces such an amazing line between adorable and punch-in-the-face worthy of anyone who dares wear it! Hopefully if this is printed and i wear it, i'll only get a rotten apple tossed at my eye. 5$

ladykat profile pic Alumni

Cute... and I love the haiku

herky profile pic Alumni

awesome character, the graphic looks great on the white T.

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Artist

Everbody is busting my balls lately -- so I thought let me bump this and give them all the finger. :D


In my opinion, the eyes open is a 4, eyes closed a 5$, and if the hands were uncensored, it would be a 6$.
Anyways, that's my kind of apple, love it.

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Artist

Whoa anke2 je moet de jongste nederlander zijn op deze website.
Pas maar op voor die vieze gasten ^^

Thanks evolve -- uncensored would be too lame and threadless would decline it :D


I want it BAD. Tehe

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

haha 5$

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

this style rocks.
i wish it could blink on the shirt too.

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Artist


you ever heard of synonyms? One doesn't excluse the other yaknow. "Flicking someone off", common slang for giving someone the finger (wikipedia)


love it 5$


knew it would get printed. if skinnycorp staff like it then sure enough it will get printed. good stuff congrats i want buy now.

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