1-2-3 Monkeys!

Design by starr226

1-2-3 Monkeys! by starr226 on Threadless
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i think i like it - good stuff

Monkey II
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funkie fresh
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i don't think it needs the background but the monkeys are great


Another Joy of Monkeys sub.


i don't like the grey in the background, but i love the illustration. still a $5


yeah, lose that grey and it's gold.


I like the idea - I like that all the apes and monkeys are different - but I don't like the background, and it seems to lack motion.

The gorilla looks more like he's shrugging than juggling - maybe some lines to indicate movement, or a more dynamic pose would help.



I don't know if I agree with the naysayers of the background - it gives it a caged-animal feel like at a zoo. Besides, I think it adds a lot to the image when printed on a t-shirt. I really enjoy the multi-layered juggling bit - very creative. Its greatest strength is that there is alot going on, but doesn't come off too loud.

Overall, I say keep the background bars!!!


i agree with ^^^ regarding background unnecessary.

looks nice:)

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The lil monkeys get lost with that background- but if you insist on it, just lighten it 50%.

Also, the monkey on the upper left with the "O" face looks like he jerked off a banana.

I am so sorry I typed that.


lose the background ---> $5

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