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Kojima profile pic Alumni

I like it!


Funny concept, but cfabela911 is right...



Cute and funny.....................of course the real one killed more people than Hitler which isn't so funny.


dammit another lucky cat shirt was submitted the same time as mine.. oh well..well done sir...

sooty profile pic Artist

the sun symbol is not exclusively japanese, I got the idea of the sun background from an old chairman mao poster see here:

mao poster

as you can see it is not a crossover of cultures or countries styles, it is just imagary and symbolism taken from relevant material.

sooty profile pic Artist

I'm sure people will know who chairman mao is. and I don't think it matters that he is not a 'good guy'. I have a t shirt with darth vader on it and he's not a good guy either. profile pic Alumni

HAHA.. this one's great. I love the "meow" detail

sooty profile pic Artist

he's sat like that because he is based on one of those porcelain chinese cats that sit in the windows of chinese restaurants for good luck. I used a chinese looking font to get the idea of chinese symbols.


It doesn't matter that he wasn't a good guy, you have a T-shirt of darth vader and he wasn't a good guy either? Errrr..... Sorry, It's not that I hate the shirt but that is a very glib response. Between 40 million and 78 million people died a s a result of Maos cultural revolution and Great leap forward all within living memory. It's funny because if someone subbed a T with Hitler dressed as a bunny or Pol Pot as a panda there would be hell to pay - but it seems some dictators are more acceptable than others.

sooty profile pic Artist

I'm not pro dictators, it is just a pune on the name. The point I'm trying to make about it not mattering that he was a good guy is that the design isn't a picture of chairman mao, and I don't think the design makes any statement at all about Mao's history or politics, it simply makes fun of his name.


Hi Chris, you seem to be gunning for me which is great but I only understand about 1 word in 6 that you're saying. First off, my comments on the black rectangle T was a joke ( I don't actually think it really is a black supremist shirt ) In regards this sub, I have no problem with the Devil because as far as I'm concerned he doesn't exist either . I have no real beef with this T, I don't think it is in bad taste but I do think people need to be aware of the material they are using and I do think it's interesting that some dictators are viewed as benign ( Mao, Stalin ) and others are not - Hitler etc. plus Sootys comment pissed me off. Thats it, the end............................................. Who the fuck is Lord Voidemort ?

sooty profile pic Artist

it is interesting that some dictators are not as hated as others but that's not why I chose it. if hitler had a funnier name I wouldn't have a problem putting him on a t-shirt as long as it took the piss.

sooty profile pic Artist

yes. well put.

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