Morning Ritual

Design by WhitneyBeth

Morning Ritual by WhitneyBeth on Threadless
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While we all run off to work in the mornings (and have to deal with horrible things like nuclear war and alien abductions!), the cat sits down in the middle of whatever you were doing and gloats that he gets to sleep all day.

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it's b/w because of the critiques.. people preferred it that way. another option is shown on blue there, which was also very nice, but more people liked it this way, so i went with it.


Fantastic!! I hope it gets printed!!!


Looks great. I like it in black!


Gorsh. This is so cute. $Five big ones


Awesome! $5

Love the peaceful sleeping cat over the mushroom cloud.


Adorable and unsettling, but mostly adorable. I love this!

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about color in the design.... the idea was for the cat and the newspaper and the coffee to be black and white. daily newspapers are printed only in b/w, coffee is called "black", and i felt that the cat being b/w just enforced the tone of the piece. i tried to do a more calico-type cat, but it just didn't go. i wouldn't be against putting the whole design on a different color (see critiques, light blue looked really good), but i think that adding color to the design itself weakened the image.


black & white, black & white, black & white

Color would ruin it.


Too cute for me but execution is perfect.


Oh my goodness, I love this! The newspaper black and white. The everyday mix of our comfortable small world mingling with (bad) news from the big outside world... Genius!


If this was printed, I would definitely consider buying it. $4.


The color dosen't bother me...I'd love it probably buy it !!!

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thanks for all the votes and nice comments everybody! only 2 days left.... this is my first sub, and i'm very excited to see how it turns out.


Awesome. $5.

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thanks for all the support, everybody. 2.31 is a respectable score... probably won't be printed, but i'm happy with my first effort!


love it. but dont like the dripping on the cup. love the cat. C:

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