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Bad Wolf by Bowtie on Threadless
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staffell profile pic Alumni

looks very amateurly done i'm afraid...not that I even know what it is? stuff burning?


I beeeeeeeeeeeg you for a zoom.


Ah okay yeah. I can see it a bit closer at the critique link you posted. And I love it, for having the Doctor Who reference that I love while not being obvious and in-your-face about being a reference.



I'd like it even more if the Tardis was a touch bigger so it was a bit more obvious and it said Bad Wolf somewhere.

Now go make me an awesome "Angels Have The Phone Box" T :)


Hardly anyone is going to get the reference, but it's a good design.

If only as much thought had actually gone into that final episode. :P The whole Bad Wolf thing could have been done SO much better...


I want more Doctor Who t shirts! This desing is cool, but a little bit too small.. :S


Don't like the design, and the obscure Dr Who reference is kind of pointless.



"If you're a fan of the new series, it's not obscure."

That's like saying that if you're a fan of the now defunct little-known Christian early-90s thrash metal band Believer, a t-shirt design based on the title of their second album Sanity Obscure, wouldn't be obscure.

Not that many people on Threadless will be familiar with the current UK Dr Who, and so will not get the reference. Thus, it is obscure.


i love doctor who. i like it a bit more if the tardis was more obvious and it was not so sketchy so i could actually see the detail better. maybe a bit more of the doctor who reference =]

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