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Dream Big

Design by KDLIG

Dream Big by KDLIG on Threadless
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herky profile pic Alumni

always great illustration skills, the large middle placement on white is nice.

KDLIG profile pic Artist

you're absolutely right , tnx =D

Edword profile pic Alumni

nice illo!


I think I absolutely love this. Agree that bird placement is wrong. Have you thought of a pteradactyl instead? Larger design. No point in having something this bold and good stuck in one small corner. The first $5 I have given !


Good point! Rugrats/Reptar! haha. I like the big centered versions better. Can't decide which color though :P


Great illustration. I love the perspective. :)

KDLIG profile pic Artist

reptiles always have strange skin,LOL!


I'd pay good money for the chap with the guitar in the middle of the shirt on his own.

Though the sagi-ish color it is on in the main illustration is also Rad, BETTER than Orange even. Can I please have it? Please print somewhere, anywhere, really really! A poster if not a shirt! :)


I love the kid but I love her so much that I end up hating the dinosaur for taking up most of the shirt. Granted, removing T-rex would go against the title of the shirt. But I'm just saying, if you had a design with just the girl, I'd buy it in a heart beat

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