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Oh it's a condom?


thought it was the ghostbuster's logo at first...


That's rude, pooner. and all the others thinking that this shirt is making light of AIDS. I think it's a good message. It gets it across in a fun way rather than a boring sex-ed way. I'd like to see this printed!


Yeah, they probably aren't the real people and besides, the shirt "simon" linked to was depressing. I gave it a zero because it is not something our children need to be worrying about like that kid obviously is.
This shirt I gave a 3 because it is a little too cute for this subject matter. But it's a good idea. Maybe if the little dude was hanging from the ribbon it might seem a little better.

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Whether anyone thinks that this is taking a major issue lightly or not, at least nilludesign is TRYING to educate and help a rapidly growing problem. Each of us have to find a way to communicate and help. Condoms do help in Africa. I heard on NPR the other day that increased "Truth" condom sales due to sexy/funny advertising have made a significant difference. I think, and I'm probably incorrect, that it was an %8 decrease or something. So, condom advertising DOES help. And anyone willing to give proceeds to the charity has my respect.


this is terrible.

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