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Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

A love story between a hidden alien and human. The design work on others dark colour shirt too, and with gold ink maybe.

bsweber profile pic Alumni

awesome! i think this would work well for the eagle vs shark theme too $5


same here got lost because i didn't fallow the arrows

TerryMakesStuff profile pic Alumni

I'd change the colors so everything stands out better on that shirt color, especially the arrows. Otherwise, it's great.


You should do away with the arrows and simply follow the western comic book convention of reading from left to right. However, I think it makes a better comic strip than a t-shirt design. It would be difficult to read what's going on without standing there and scrutinizing the wearer's chest. Simply as a design seen at a glance it is visually unappealing.


too complicated and the last one looks like a blow job


or, the bottom right, that is

kaloyster profile pic Alumni


Alisha Lu

thats pretty f-ing awesome! well done!


i cant see the arrows cos at work and not got a flat screen. have to wait till i get home =[


So sad! I'm not wearing this!
(btw, I also got lost with the arrows)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I liked the funky way the arrows made you follow the on the revision i keep messing up reading it! lol. You have trained me to read things the wrong way now, and i like it FM! I really like this concept, and to all those who think people would have to stare at your chest for way too long, this is the kind of design that looks neat without knowing the story, and friends and such can take their time with it and really get the concept if you are standing and chatting in the same place ofr a while. Besides, isn't this a nice way to entertain people if you take too big a tangent with a story for them to concetrate on until you are finished? 4$

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

fantastic 5$


This is really cute, a great little story. Reminds me of the Cube World people, a friend got me some for Christmas last year.

Cube World



Scotticus profile pic Alumni

i wish this would have gotten printed

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